Family to Family Education-This course consists of a series of 12 weekly classes for families of persons with a psychiatric disorder. The class is for 1st degree adult relatives only (parents, spouse/significant other, sibling or adult child).

Peer to Peer Education-Through a combination of lecture, interactive exercises and structured group process, this 10 week course addresses the topic of recovery for any person with a serious mental illness who is interested in establishing and maintaining wellness.

Providers Education-This course consists of a series of 5 weekly classes that present a penetrating, subjective view of family and consumer experiences with serious mental illness to professionals who work directly with people experiencing severe and persistent mental illnesses. Classes help providers realize the hardships that families and consumers face and appreciate the courage and persistance it takes to live and recover from mental illness.

Parents and Teachers as Allies- The purpose of this two hour presentation for school professionals is to educate teachers about mental illnesses so that they can identify children who may be experiencing early warning signs of mental illness, and encourage families to seek help from a qualified mental health professional. Early intervention can create a better outcome for the child both socially and academically.

Crisis Intervention Training- This course is for first responders, to provide them with information on how to deal with individuals in a mental health crisis. There are 2 introductory courses (2 and 4 hours) and a 40 hour in depth training (certification includes 38 accredited hours certified by the South Carolina Justice Academy).

In Our Own Voice- This presentation was created as part of NAMI's initiative to involve consumers in education about serious mental illnesses. The presentation is done by individuals who are or have experienced persistent mental illnesses. Audiences get to have a view of what someone with a mental illness has experienced and how they not only cope with their mental illness, but can also thrive with it. Generally, it takes around 2 hours depending on the questions from the audience. Note: This presentation includes a DVD to be viewed during the presentation. Please let us know if you have a media setup that can be used for viewing the DVD. Other arrangements can be made if your room does not have the necessary equipment.

All of our Educational Opportunities are free to the community. Please contact NAMI Spartanburg at (864) 707-2814 or office@namispartanburgsc.org to inquire about any of these presentations.